Our Winemaker

A man as synonymous with the McLaren Vale as Shiraz itself…

With our musketeering heritage it may seem appropriate that we are cloak and dagger about the identity of our winemaker. It is indeed undeniable that the notion of a shadowy figure hand-crafting his masterpieces under cover of darkness conveys a certain sense of romance and mystery.


Unfortunately it is not for this reason that we conceal his identity. The truth is quite simply this: in our pursuit of excellence we believe that only with the very best winemaker will we be able to create the exceptional wines we aim to produce. With this in mind we have selected a man as synonymous with the McLaren Vale as Shiraz itself. Born and bred in the region, he knows every acre of soil, every coastal breeze, and most importantly how to make the most of each and every vine. He is arguably McLaren Vale’s, if not Australia’s, most internationally renowned winemaker. However, this knowledge and acclaim come at a price. He is a man so firmly associated with another leading McLaren Vale winery, that the only way we could be allowed to have him work with us was if we never used his name in any official way.


For us this equation is an easy one. We can’t tell the world who he is, but then we don’t need to. We may never put his name on a bottle, but his distinctive talent is evident from the moment a bottle of Aramis Vineyards wine is opened. So we live with the compromise and our ‘phantom’ winemaker, and let the wine do the talking.

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